Storm Recovery

31 Aug 2020

On August 10th our city in Eastern Iowa was rocked by over 100-mph straight-line winds from a type of storm called a derecho. 65 percent of the tree canopy was destoyed, many homes were destroyed or made unlivable until repaired, power was out for over a week for most of the city, and now three weeks later many people (including us) still don’t have broadband internet service restored at their homes.

Recovery has been slow for everyone. Fallen trees and branches still line the streets, often spilling out into the steets making some areas one-lane only. Sidewalks are covered with debris waiting to be hauled away, so walking the dogs can dangerous.

Our roof isn’t completely water proof yet. We lost a significant amount of shingles, and water dripped down into our upstairs bedroom on the day of the storm. But since we still have tar paper where the shingles are gone, every roofing company I’ve talked to says that installing a tarp isn’t as a high a priority for them as getting to houses with worse damage. We’re very lucky to have gotten off so easy compared to others. But it’s still stressful.