Still Here

02 Aug 2019

Over a year after creating this site on GitHub, I’m making my second post. I’d almost forgotten how to use Jekyll, but it’s so simple that picking it up again was easy. I’ve been “blogging” off and on since the word entered the zeitgeist, with obviously lower frequency as the years wore on. I never had many followers, and as I’ve aged I’ve become more of an introvert and more self-conscious. However, one thing that’s remained constant in my life is a desire to journal. So instead of maintaining a “web log” writen for others, I’m attempting to use this tool as a simple journal; a way to clear out the cobwebs of the corners of my mind capable of writing. So without further delay: an update.

Instead of spending most of my time writing C# at a commercial business, I now work at a non-profit college administering databases and managing ERPs and other third-party server software. It’s a nice change of pace and more fulfilling. It’s also a much better location, being closer to home and my children’s school, as well as being closer to the center of the metro area (as opposed to out on the middle of a field on the edge of a suburb).

My free time remains enriched by books and video games, with multiple groups of friends meeting to play board games on a mostly weekly basis. Walking my dogs, watching a few select TV shows with my family, and enjoying the ocassional craft beer also remain cherished activities.

I’m still fascinated by “retro” technology, and subscribed to YouTube channels like LGR and Technology Connections. I’ve just finished setting up a workbench in corner of my basement to work on projects that may involve soldering or other slightly messier interactions with tech.